P3 Classes

Climbing is an unbelievably extensive, and often times intimidating, universe. At Brooklyn Boulders, we exist to inspire, and strive to welcome you in to our community. We want you to achieve progress, success, and the thrill of victory. Our Peak Performance Program (P3) is designed to help you unlock your climbing potential by offering you with a comprehensive series of classes; led by our professional, AMGA/CWI certified P3 instructors these eight classes provide you with an unparalleled training experience here in Brooklyn! To begin unlocking your potential, prebook HERE.



An introduction to top-roping in the gym – Learn the Ropes is our most popular class, and a great introduction to climbing for beginners looking to gain basic knowledge and skills. The class teaches each student how to fit a harness, tie basic knots, manage risk associated with climbing, and manage the ropes for another climber while they climb. You’ll leave with all the mandatory knowledge to be able to use the top ropes here at BKB.



Rappelling, advanced top-roping, and more – Master the Ropes is an opportunity to expand your climbing abilities and knowledge! The class teaches each student to belay and rappel using an ATC and will broaden your climbing knowledge of gear, concepts, terminology, intermediate knots, rappel backup systems, and more.



A comprehensive introduction to lead climbing  – Learn to Lead is a comprehensive and in-depth course on lead climbing for climbers looking to increase their knowledge and skill in this advanced climbing style. Topics covered during this course include lead belaying, lead climbing, rope handling, risk management, and, of course, falling.



An Introduction To Sport Climbing  and transitioning to the outdoors – Master Lead Climbing gives seasoned gym lead climbers an introduction to setting up and cleaning sport anchors, tying advanced knots, understanding rock features, and considering and managing the risk associated with outdoor rock climbing.




An introduction to bouldering in the gym – Want to learn the basics of climbing technique? Learn to Boulder is the class for you! You’ll get expert instruction on beginner technique while learning how to boulder and manage risk associated with bouldering. This is a great way to build a solid foundation of climbing knowledge, and will help you on your way to climbing stronger and smarter.



An introduction to climbing movement   – The P3 Foundations program was designed to expand upon our Learn to Boulder course. This class will provide you with more detailed information about climbing movement and introduce you to activities and practices that build a solid foundation of climbing fitness and technical skills. Foundations covers:Warming-up and the Art of Injury Prevention, Types of Holds and Hand Positions, Body Positions and How to Apply Them, Resting Techniques for Success,Training for Power, Endurance, Technique, and Overall Fitness.




Training techniques for climbing strength and endurance – Our Core course is an intermediate level program that provides students with practical information on techniques and training congruent with their climbing ability. Core also introduces some of the more subtle skills necessary for advancement into high level climbing such as identifying and targeting specific weaknesses, and identifying climber specific beta. Core covers: Applying Cross-Training into a Warm-up Routine, Intermediate Movement and Technique, Identifying and Targeting Weaknesses, Envisioning and Prioritizing Beta, Structured Training.